Re-Elect Mayor Paige Brown

Gallatin First
Gallatin Forward

Despite the unprecedented challenges from COVID and the massive migration of people to Middle Tennessee, under Mayor Brown's leadership, the City of Gallatin has secured:

$4 Billion

in private investment

$26 Million

in grant dollars

a 78% Increase

in our rainy day fund

a 93% Increase

in sales tax collections

a 68% Increase

in net position

All of this while leading our city to 8 years of:

Mayor Paige Brown’s love for Gallatin is evident. She knows we all want a safe and quality place to live, work, play, raise a family and be happy. Even in these recent years of unprecedented challenges, Paige has been steadfast in working for Gallatin and its future generations.

A native of Gallatin, Paige was elected mayor after careers in television and non-profit management. She is determined to do the best for Gallatin, with grace and kindness.

Let’s continue to be an example of successful conservative government. Vote Paige Brown on November 8.

A Few More Gallatin Highlights Under
Mayor Brown's Leadership

Albert Gallatin Extension

Constructed the largest locally managed road project in the state of Tennessee

more parks

Purchased 3 additional properties for future park use


Excellent Utility Rates

Strengthened and expanded our city-owned utility infrastructure, providing our residents with excellent rate values for citizens

Tommy Garrott Aquatics Facility

The Tommy Garrott Aquatics Center offering a zero-depth pool with a splash pad, two water slides, and more

outstanding public safety service

-Improved our ISO for fire protection
-Decreased crime
-Working on a police and fire training facility.

Gallatin fire station #5

The newest Gallatin Fire Department station opened in 2019 after years of planning.

New Greenways

Improved amenities and added new greenways


voted 2021 Mayor of the Year

Named the 2021 Mayor of the Year by the Tennessee Municipal League (comprised of all municipalities in Tennessee)

nicest place in america

Reader’s Digest named Gallatin the nicest city in America in 2017


Miracle Park

Tennessee’s largest all-inclusive play structure





"Mayor Paige Brown has provided outstanding leadership for Gallatin. She places people and principles over politics. She deserves our support to continue to lead our city."

The Honorable Diane and Dr. David Black

"Paige Brown is a true advocate for Gallatin who believes in our community. She is a Gallatin native, and I believe she is the best choice to continue as mayor of our wonderful city. "

Randy Nash Sumner Funeral & Cremation

"The very distinguishing character about our wonderful mayor is that Paige has such a love and dedication to this city. So all of her decisions and actions are made based on what she believes is the very best for the city of Gallatin and all of the citizens. I wish everyone else would do the same."

Dr. Bryan Bondurant Critter Clinic

"Paige represents the best of Gallatin, and I am very pleased that she is our Mayor."

John Phillips Phillips & Ingram

I appreciate Paige's calm, thoughtful leadership of our city.

Charles Moffatt Retired Minister

Paige & I have been friends since childhood. I know she is a one of the smartest, most responsible and kind people I know. She is driven, easy to work with, honest - and she loves our Gallatin.

Karen Goodall

Paige does a great job for our city. No one could love Gallatin more than her.

Judy Chambers

Paige is a born leader and puts the concerns of the citizens of Gallatin first.

Martha & Chuck Gregory

Paige is very involved in our community and is always available to citizens.

Jon & Gretta Weidner

Paige represents the best of Gallatin, and I am very pleased that she is our mayor.

Michael Zinser Attorney

Mayor Paige Brown has led us through and over so many obstacles facing our city until we’ve come to expect that as the norm, rather than a rise above adversity. Under her leadership, we’ve learned to put community ahead of self. Our spirit of community welcomes strangers, and we commit to volunteerism and charity. Yes, she is firm, but equally as fair, and a great role model for young people. I find our mayor to be very intelligent, caring, a leader among her peers in Tennessee, and just as quick to offer a helping hand as she is to offer an encouraging word. I shall cast my vote for a proven leader and hope you will, too.

Velma Howell Brinkley Author, Historian and Retired Educator

I have seen firsthand how deeply Mayor Paige Brown cares about building a better future for Gallatin residents and businesses. She has worked tirelessly to move the city carefully forward during a time of unprecedented growth throughout our region. She is a faithful public servant, and I'm grateful for her friendship.

William Lamberth

I had the pleasure of working with Paige during the height of the pandemic and through some pretty tough situations, and she always had the citizens of Gallatin as her priority. She is a smart, caring and savvy leader that knows how to get things done to improve the quality of life in our city! Paige Brown is the leader we need in Gallatin to balance growth and progress with the spirit we all love about our town.

Susan Peach

The City of Gallatin is fortunate to have a leader like Paige Brown as our Mayor. Paige is extremely humble and gracious in her leadership and loves our city so much. Her actions speak louder than any words. You will see her in the community at different events, and she is an outstanding supporter of small businesses, civic organizations, area schools, athletics, citizens of Gallatin, etc. all the time....not just around election time. Her dedication to make Gallatin the best it can be for all citizens is why she should be re-elected for the Mayor of Gallatin.

Jay Tucker

    Help us continue to put
    Gallatin First and move Gallatin Forward